Calista Kazuko – Poison | Music Video


Londoner, Calista Kazuko, has visuals for track, “Poison”. New EP, Project: Love Me, is out Friday, March 17. The EP was recorded with notable film composer, Guy Dagul. Inspired by the likes of Kate Bush, Regina Spektor, Marina And The Diamonds, Bat For Lashes and St Vincent, her music recalls Siouxsie, Goldfrapp and Diamanda Galas.


“Poison” opens eerie, vocals later joined by heartbeat bass drum. A beat so irregular you might fear for someone’s time left on Earth. Then comes the grungy flourish, heart pounding like that of a sprinter. Sedate piano and bass is rudely interrupted by something grandiose and majestic, and that then, in turn, leads to an almost reggae section.


The video, directed by Silent Tapes Films, features prominently Calista and a piano. She starts subdued in shadow then, as the chorus comes, she unveils like a sunrise. Dark liquid, the poison of the piece, spreads like an oil slick onto water. Then it blooms like a nuclear mushroom cloud. Come the reggae part it is all smoke and no mirrors, darkness returning.




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