Canadian Artist Jenna Bennett Returns With Laidback R&B Offering ‘Rhythm Of You’

Jenna Bennett is an upcoming artist and songwriter from Canada and “Rhythm Of You” is her latest single. It is a laid back R&B track that highlights her raw vocal talent and relatable lyricism.

Her vocal delivery goes from soft and whispering to emotional and powerful, with her sultry words layering over the atmospheric synths and minimal production, to make for a surel addition to your late night R&B playlists.

Speaking about the track, Jenna Bennett saysm “In writing ‘Rhythm of You’, I explored the idea that everything happens for a reason – so when plans get cancelled, maybe they’re supposed to. And maybe, what’s meant to be can exceed our expectations”.

When it comes to her music, the Toronto native doesn’t want to play by the rules. She says that for her, it’s all about what feels and sounds goos, and that helps her to push genre boundaries. She comes with a unique tone, powerful vocals, in-depth songwriting and a fresh creative vision that puts her in her own lane.

She began making music at 15-years old and has performed in several live shows across Canada, Barbados and the United States. Her first official single was released in 2018 and like the rest of us, she took a break last year and spent that time honing her craft further, with a bank of songs now under her belt ready to be released.

Watch the video for “Rhythm Of You” here:


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