Canadian Artist Jr. Rhodes Drops New Single ‘What I Gotta Say’

Jr. Rhodes is back with a new track, “WHAT I GOTTA SAY.” This upbeat song blends pop and hip-hop with a funky jazz feel. The song talks about longing for love and admitting one’s faults. It brings positive energy and meaningful lyrics.

“WHAT I GOTTA SAY” continues the story from his debut album Color of Your Aura, which came out in the summer of 2023. Jr. Rhodes, a Canadian artist, mixes hip-hop, jazz, and pop in his music. He first appeared on the music scene in 2020.

The song features vocals by Tea G, adding a harmonious touch. Jr. Rhodes said, “This song showcases my passion for music and my versatility.” The track is designed to give off a friendly summer vibe with its jazzy, funky hip-hop sound. It is the first single from his upcoming EP, ALL KINDS OF CRAZY COLORS, set to release in July 2024. The EP will have four songs and promises a similar feel to his debut album.

Jr. Rhodes has gained recognition with his songs “PALMTREE HIGH” and “Been On You.” He started 2024 with a 30-show tour across Canada. His music has earned praise from artists like JID, Ab-Soul, and Benny The Butcher. Jr. Rhodes aims to bring mainstream appeal to his South Asian heritage by pushing artistic limits and collaborating with other rising stars.

Jr. Rhodes’s music reflects his love for warm-weather tunes. He mentioned, “From the start, I knew this song would be special.” He curated every detail, from cover art to the mix, to create a summertime vibe.

His upcoming EP will build on the energy of “WHAT I GOTTA SAY” and continue to explore new musical territories. Keep an eye out for “ALL KINDS OF CRAZY COLORS” this July.

Meanwhile, listen to “WHAT I GOTTA SAY” below!


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