Canadian Artist Nicky MacKenzie Unveils New Single ‘Come Back’

Nicky MacKenzie, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter from British Columbia, has unveiled her latest single, “Come Back“, a standout track from her highly anticipated MORALS EP.

Known for her ability to blend hauntingly poignant lyrics with irresistibly catchy pop melodies, Nicky MacKenzie continues to carve her niche in the music industry with this introspective piece.

“Come Back” delves deep into themes of vulnerability and self-awareness, capturing the essence of Nicky MacKenzie’s journey as an artist. The song reflects on the complexities of returning to situations that are detrimental yet familiar, echoing universal experiences of longing and conflict.

Produced in collaboration with Herag Sanbalian, the track showcases Nicky’s lyrical prowess and her knack for creating music that resonates on a personal level.

Nicky MacKenzie’s MORALS EP is a testament to her growth and artistic maturity. Drawing inspiration from diverse influences such as Charlotte Day Wilson and Hozier, Nicky seamlessly blends R&B melodies with pop sensibilities, creating a dynamic musical landscape.

Tracks like “Comfortable” and “Morals” set the stage for “Come Back”, each offering a glimpse into Nicky’s ability to navigate the complexities of relationships and self-discovery.

Raised in a small island community off the coast of British Columbia, Nicky MacKenzie’s musical journey began at a young age, experimenting with various instruments before finding her voice in guitar-driven melodies. Her evolution from local talent to festival performer underscores her commitment to authenticity and storytelling through music.

Collaborations with LA-based production duo Likeminds have further enriched her sound, infusing the EP with lush instrumentation and emotive depth.

Immerse yourself in the introspective world of Nicky MacKenzie’s “Come Back” below!


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