Canadian Indie Pop Artist Jenny Kern Unveils New Track ‘Intoxicate Me’

Jenny Kern, a Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based indie pop artist, takes a step further into the limelight with her latest single “Intoxicate Me“, released on October 5.

Collaboratively written and produced with Rich Tuorto, mixed by Yianni AP, and mastered by Dale Becker, the track gracefully weaves through emotional textures, taking listeners on a layered musical journey.

Kern, not a stranger to the ups and downs of the entertainment industry, originally began her career working for filmmakers Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig, and later produced in the film and television sector.

A pivotal moment in 2018 saw her pivot towards her true passion, music, transitioning her from behind the scenes to center stage, crafting narratives through her emotive and personal songwriting.

The songstress navigates through themes of anxiety, aging, relationships, and the spectrum of human emotion in her music, striking a balance between melancholy and a subtle, uplifting undercurrent.

Kern confides, “I always try to inject a hopeful undercurrent to it. I want people to feel like there’s hope and just because something feels heavy doesn’t mean that it’s going to be that way forever.”

“Intoxicate Me” notably precedes an eagerly anticipated EP, further solidifying Kern’s place within the indie pop scene, a spot previously underscored by features on platforms such as MTV, ABC, and Hulu, as well as recognition on Spotify editorial playlists like New Music Friday, and Soda.

Her previous works, including her debut single “Slow Burn”, and other collaborative projects with producer Andy Seltzer, have been a testament to her evolving sound and lyrical depth.

In a world grappling with shared experiences of loss, love, and lingering uncertainties, Kern’s authenticity and relatable themes resonate, inviting a connection with a wider audience.

Her career journey, culminating in over a million streams on Spotify and tracks charting on top 40 radio, highlights a dedication not just to her craft, but also to conveying stories that provide solace and a sense of shared human experience.

In looking towards the future, with upcoming tour dates in 2022 and more studio recordings on the horizon, Kern solidifies her dedication to not only developing her own artistic narrative but continuing to resonate and connect with listeners globally through her emotionally charged, yet hopeful compositions.

Kern’s ability to blend emotive storytelling with an indie pop soundscape paves the way for her upcoming releases and anticipated musical endeavors.

Listen to “Intoxicate Me” below!


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