Canadian Pop Artist Alexander Stewart Unveils New EP ‘If You Only Knew’

Emerging as a standout in the pop music landscape, Alexander Stewart, a Toronto-born singer-songwriter, has released his profoundly personal EP, if you only knew.

This EP marks a significant milestone in his career, showcasing his journey of self-discovery and emotional vulnerability. The release coincides with his appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on December 13th, following intimate fan performances in London and New York City.

if you only knew is an exposition of Stewart’s deep introspection, reflecting on themes of love, friendship, and mental health. The six-track EP, all co-written by Alexander, includes the viral hit “i wish you cheated” and “he never will,” capturing the essence of his songwriting prowess. With over 300 million global streams, 300 million YouTube views, and 125 million likes on TikTok, Stewart has solidified his presence in the contemporary music scene.

The EP’s emotional depth is highlighted in the title track “if you only knew”, where Stewart delves into some of his most personal experiences. “Writing these songs was the most beautiful and heartbreaking process I think I’ve been through,” Alexander shares. This sentiment is echoed throughout the EP, offering a glimpse into the artist’s soul.

Stewart’s journey to this release has been marked by significant achievements, including his viral TikTok campaign for “i wish you cheated,” amassing over 45 million views and contributing to its over 37 million global streams. His previous late-night TV performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon showcased his dynamic presence and set the stage for his upcoming performance on Seth Meyers’ show.

These tracks navigate the complexities of human emotion, combining catchy pop rhythms with heartfelt lyrics. With his latest release, Alexander Stewart continues to capture the hearts of listeners worldwide, promising a deeply resonant and relatable listening experience. The if you only knew EP is available for streaming below, accompanied by a visualizer for the title track, adding an extra layer of engagement for his fans.


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