Canadian Psalmist Cindy Clark Shares New Single ‘He Rescued Me’

Cindy Clark’s new single “He Rescued Me” emerges as a profound testimony to faith, hope, and spiritual healing. Written during a challenging time for a friend battling cancer, this song draws its inspiration from Psalms 18 and 116, turning scripture into a melodic beacon of light for those walking through the darkest valleys of despair, chronic pain, addiction, and loss.

Clark, with her distinct role as a modern-day psalmist, has always aimed to use her music as a vessel for God’s love and rescue. Her journey to music, prompted by personal trials and a divine nudge to the piano, has resulted in compositions that speak deeply to the soul, offering solace and a reason to dance amidst adversity.

“He Rescued Me” is particularly special as it marries a groovy, uplifting beat with lyrics of divine rescue and grace, making it a unique anthem of joy in the face of sorrow.

Out now across all streaming platforms, “He Rescued Me” stands out as the first single from her upcoming debut album Come Out. The album promises a collection of songs born out of Cindy’s own experiences with suffering and her encounters with God’s transformative power.

Cindy’s approach to music is intimate and purposeful, focusing on impacting individual lives rather than chasing widespread acclaim. Through her music and the stories she shares, Cindy aims to offer a glimpse into the heart of the Father, providing healing and hope to those who listen.

Her music is a testament to the belief that even in life’s most challenging moments, there is an opportunity to encounter joy, dance, and the rescuing grace of God.

Listen to “He Rescued Me” below!


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