Canadian Singer And Songwriter Charlotte Cardin Shares Her New Track ‘Confetti’

Canadian singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin introduces a captivating new chapter of her musical journey with her latest release, “Confetti.”

The single, which drops on the 58th night of a mysterious 99-night countdown promoted on social media, marks Cardin’s first new music in almost two years.

“Confetti” is an engaging track, featuring subtle percussion and an impressive vocal performance by Cardin.

In 2021, Cardin’s debut full-length album, Phoenix, received critical acclaim and Canadian platinum certification. The album earned her the 2022 Juno Awards for Artist, Album, Pop Album, and Single of the Year, as well as a Polaris Music Prize nomination.

HYPEBAE praised Phoenix for its “rippling melodies” and “stunningly raw vocals,” which contributed to Cardin amassing over 313 million cumulative global streams to date.

The album topped the charts in Canada for two weeks, and Cardin celebrated its release with ‘The Phoenix Experience,’ an immersive, ticketed livestream performance.

Regarding her new track, Cardin shares, “‘Confetti’ is an ode to introverts. I realized that at every single party I’d ever attended, I would lock myself in the bathroom at some point to compose myself and gather my thoughts. When I became aware of that, I thought, ‘Okay, I should write a song about this.’ It’s a party track for people who actually hate being at the party.”

Check out and enjoy Charlotte Cardin’s new release, “Confetti,” below!


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