Canadian Singer-Songwriter janïsa Is Ready To ‘Fly Away’ On New Single

Toronto based singer-songwriter janïsa is back with a new track called “Fly Away”.

janïsa has the power to merge two different worlds into one, the creativity of the limitless roots, soul and RnB are being felt in the privacy and introspective worlds.

Following the will to accept and love herself, the artist created “Fly Away” as a response to what the world is able or not to offer.

Putting aside unwanted love and fully accepting the faith, the infinite and ethereal single englobes the listeners in a cloudy world.

Directed by Lekan, the video accompanying the track sees the Toronto based artist, in a spacesuit and handing her suitcase, taking a walk trough a city about to take off with destination the moon.

Speaking about the song, the artist states ““Fly Away” is about leaving a world of unrequited love, even if it’s only in my dreams. It’s a self acceptance journey I am inevitably on; Radical Acceptance is the spaceship of choice.

Prior to writing this song, I was experiencing intense loneliness and self-doubt, which led me to facing a ‘do or die’ ultimatum. I chose to surrender to fully loving and accepting myself completely; regardless of the world and what it could or could not give me.

What matters more is what I can give to myself. Join me in my spacesuit, suitcase in hand, as I find myself walking through the city for my last farewell to live on the moon in the Lekan-directed video for ‘Fly Away’. This song affirms for me that I really need to pour plenty into myself, regardless of where I live or what is surrounding me. I hope this song takes you on a journey to love and accept all of you.

Watch the “Fly Away” video here:


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