‘Captain America: Civil War’- Marvel’s Big Showdown Is Their Best Yet | Film Review



The Avengers are being forced into UN regulation after an opening explosive mishap on top of all their collateral damage from previous films. This creates an ideological and practical divide in the team as Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) resists the regulation, whilst Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jnr) welcomes it. When the Winter Solider (Sebastian Stan), Rogers’ childhood friend, Bucky resurfaces the tension in the super team is amplified and battle lines are drawn.


Comparisons to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are inventible. Especially as everything Dawn of Justice got wrong Civil War gets oh so right. This is a film to enjoy not endure.


Marvel have earnt this showdown on an emotional level over a number of previous films. Tony Stark’s motivation for regulation and control is as believable as Rogers’ resistance of it.


The marketing campaign emphasised the divide with #teamcap or #teamironman. However the brilliance of the narrative is sympathising with both positions. Both Cap and Ironman are equally right and wrong.


Personally after seeing Paul Bettany‘s Vision in a sweater and cooking I am #TeamVision.


In the safe hands of Marvel in about 20 minutes of screen time they have created the ultimate realisation of the teenage superhero Spiderman (Tom Holland). Along with Antman (Paul Rudd) the teenage Spiderman has some of the best and funniest moments of the film.


Black panther (Chadwick Boseman) is burdened with a solemn outlook but his brawling action is intense and exciting with high hopes for his standalone film.


Meanwhile Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky have some lovely moments like bickering siblings vying for the attention of their idolised big brother Steve. The Winter Solider does begin to show glimpses of his lost humanity.


It is not a perfect movie, there is too much globetrotting exposition and introduction at the beginning. However it avoids many previously derided tropes. There is no super villain with the middle name ‘the’, instead we have Zemo played with a pathos and gravitas by Daniel Bruhl. It is a satisfying isolated story and resits the third act city falling / being destroyed.


The Directors, the Russo brothers, have produced the best marvel action scene ever with the airport showdown. It has an extensive running time but this never bothered me as there is so much fun to be had.


This is the marvel dream team both in front and behind the camera. With all the high critical praise and personal hopes my expectation was sky high. My expectation was exceeded.


Civil war is an unmissable event that deserves a cinematic viewing that will leave you grinning and emotionally drained.



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