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Carrie Fisher is at it again, blasting the world with her honesty about Star Wars and the industry. In an interview with Amy Robach for Good Morning America yesterday, Fisher attended with the support of her dog Gary, who reportedly has had his tongue hanging out of his mouth since he saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, something that she says “will happen to everyone”.


When asked, for probably the hundredth time, whether it took some convincing to come back as Leia, Fisher candidly replied laughing, “No. I’m a female, in Hollywood, over the age of let’s say, 40, and then you could also say 50… They don’t have to ask you if you wanna work at that age“.


Fisher has always told us the sober facts of her experiences in Hollywood, even if not sober herself. But, I love that she can look back and laugh – I took great enjoyment in her 2009 autobiographical stand-up show (turned book), Wishful Drinking. She has a habit of taking the tabloid stories about her and owning them, which I heartily applaud.


Robach, clearly no stranger to film interviews, asks questions that Fisher has likely been answering for months, which can plainly be seen from the comically short tone in her responses; when asked if she had to prepare for the role of Leia again (really?), she replies, “I got in character and I’ve never gotten out again”.


The entire interview is funny and wierd and true from start to finish, and it’s so lovely to see Fisher playing with Amy Robach and clearly just trying to have some fun whilst also doing her job to promote the movie. Hell, if I wasn’t already sold like the rest of the world, it’d be this interview that would convince me to go see it!




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