Casscade Drops Captivating New Single ‘Running Man’

North West London’s dynamic rapper and songwriter Casscade is back with a summer banger titled “Running Man,” released on June 11. Known for his unique blend of hip-hop, pop-rap, and R&B, Casscade’s latest single follows the success of his previous tracks like “Real Love,” “Day And Night,” and “Signs,” which garnered attention from notable platforms and tastemakers, including DJ Semtex.

While “Running Man” is packaged as a summer anthem, it delves metaphorically into the relentless pursuit of financial success and the personal sacrifices it demands.

The track is a vivid portrayal of what it means to be a “Running Man”—someone driven by ambition, constantly on the move to achieve their goals, often at the expense of personal well-being and morals. Through slick lines like “Bread gets me fired up, so let’s make a toast,” Casscade captures the essence of this relentless chase.

“Running Man” is the final single from Casscade’s forthcoming EP, Found The Remote Lost The Control, set for release on July 16. The EP promises more highlights, including the track “Hurry Up & Buy” featuring Gold-selling German artist Joshi Mizu. This track has already been added to various official Spotify and Amazon Music playlists, with further media support from Backspin Mag, SBTV, and Noctis Mag.

Casscade’s previous single “Dance For Me,” premiered by Wonderland Magazine, saw him collaborating with long-time producer OUHBOY, known for working with artists like Tyga, Luciano, and D Block Europe.

Additional support has come from DJ Charlie Sloth, DJ Target, and 4x Grammy-winning producer Anthony Kilhoffer, who featured Casscade’s track “Finesse” on his Instagram live with DJ Semtex.

This led to “Finesse” being highlighted on Semtex’s ‘5 Tracks You Need To Know’ show on Capital Xtra. Casscade’s recent singles, including “Zoning” and “Real Love,” have also received spins from DJ Semtex, solidifying his presence in the music scene.

Casscade continues to build his reputation as a versatile and creative artist. His ability to blend genres and deliver thought-provoking lyrics ensures that “Running Man” and his upcoming EP will resonate with a wide audience, further cementing his place in the music industry.

For those eager to dive into Casscade’s latest track, the single can be streamed below. Fans of artists like Dave, Kanye West, and Jhus are sure to appreciate Casscade’s innovative style and lyrical depth.

Listen to “Running Man” here!


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