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South London based Caswell has released their new EP today titled The Shadow Aspect. The artist grew up surrounded by music, and even taught herself to play piano, while she after began to study music proper.


She is especially inspired by soul and R&B singers such as, Nina Simone, Erykah Badu, Kate Bush and Jeff Buckley. Through those artists she has managed to develop her own sound that signifies her music with a downtempo electronic soul and mixed with pop and bit jazz.


The name of the EP The Shadow Aspect is taking after the Jungian concept of the unconscious ‘dark side’ of humans’ personality. This is exactly what she wants to draw attention to, mainly the aspect of character that is else hidden. These are also her themes and lyrics in the new EP.


The first single on The Shadow Aspect is “Dance Sober”, which start slowly and then reach out to have a combined sound between brooding pop and soul. The soul part that mainly comes from her relaxing and vocal voice.


The next single “Cry” which is a song that is taking the significance of taking the space to feel pain experienced at the end of a relationship. Here the Jazz sound comes more through the song. The lyrics of this track is fully honest and melancholy, and she focus on the sound from the saxophone and piano.


Track number three “Too Soon” has the sound influence from the very famous and great old school R&B popularised singer Lauryn Hill. It is a nice a chill song about heartbreak, and romantic breakup. A perfect single to listen to while you are sitting on the bus on your way home, because of the chill vibe in it.


The last singles on the EP are more in a upbeat tempo compared to the first three, where you notice Caswells unique sound and her ability to go under your skin. In general the EP is nice and all of the songs are harmonized and goes well together with the theme and story she wants to lay out.


Listen to Caswell’s new EP on Soundcloud below.




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