Cat Burns – Cheater | Music Video


Acclaimed, burgeoning British singer-songwriter Cat Burns returns today with the release of her new video for “Cheater“, a follow-up to her latest single “Just Us“.


An infectious and breezy pop track on the surface, a look beneath reveals lyrics that hold nothing back. An honest yet no nonsense anthem centered around the relatable themes of relationships and betrayal, Burns makes it very clear that she is a force to be reckoned with.


Cat is all about “girls supporting girls” – and her vibrant and humorous visual shows this. After unknowingly talking to a guy who’s already in a committed relationship, Cat ropes her friends in on a mission to expose him for the unfaithful guy that he is. Turns out Cat isn’t the only girl he is talking to.


On the inspiration for “Cheater”, Cat explains: “Two boys messaged me on the same night. Even though on their social media it was obvious they had ‘significant others’. I was initially hurt for both me and the girls because of the disrespect, this hurt then turned into anger.”




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