Cate Le Bon And Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox Announce New Collaborative EP ‘Myths 004’ | Music News


A new collaboration between Cate Le Bon and Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox has just been announced. Indeed, the Mexican Summer label will publish their new work on November 1. Their unique innovation gave birth to a new EP, entitled Myths 004, whose name is due to the place where they recorded: Cox and Le Bon met in Marfa, Texas in 2018, at Mexican Summer’s Marfa Myths music, visual art, and film festival.


As Cate Le Bon said, “Marfa is an extraordinary town. It feels like nothing else exists when you’re in it which is both comforting and unnerving. We committed ourselves to embracing the chaos, surrendering to all moments and moods that travelled through. It’s a crude holiday scrapbook shared by all involved, an amalgamation of the changes in mood and light that shaped the days”.


Furthermore, Myths 004 is the fourth of the planned series of collaborative EPs on Mexican Summer, intended to pair “mutual admirers and kindred spirits”. The two artists have release the tracklist and the artwork of the cover album.


The track “Secretary” is the first single now available: this art-rock song is dedicated to the monotony and boredom of the everyday life of office workers. “Can I take some time?/Can you stay on hold?/Take a holiday/Make amendments”.


Listen to it here:




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