Catherine McGrath Performs ‘Cinderella’ Live From Firepit Studios | Music News



Northern Ireland acoustic singer and songwriter, Catherine McGrath, performed live from the Firepit Studios, London, showcasing track, “Cinderella”. This, in turn, is a track from her recent One EP, released end of last year. Purchase the EP from iTunes, here, which Amazon Music Unlimited also included in their Ones To Watch 2017.


Quite sedate and mournful, her range has real depth to it. The guitar is despondent, but beautiful in its conveyance of deep emotion. “What if the shoe fits me” the line that indicates a particular reason for the song title. The guitars drop out briefly before building up, again. Closing with “sort of feel like Cinderella at the ball” another reference; and apt, too.


The live performance sees the camera close in on what appears to be an amplifier, maybe curious for many observing what appears, upon ear, to be an acoustic track. Anyway, the focal point is, of course, McGrath, though in the background, by no means a mere cog in the machine, is backup singer and guitar. He pulls off the female range orientated vocals well.




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