Chance The Rapper Reveals Own ‘Magnificent Coloring Day’ Chicago Festival | Music News

Chance The Rapper


Chance The Rapper has currently been travelling about on his latest Magnificent Coloring Book tour to promote his mixtape, but Chicago based fans were disappointed to see there was no concert date for the rapper’s own hometown.


It appears the rapper wants to pay homage to his city by hosting his own music festival, Magnificent Coloring Day, at the U.S. Cellular Field baseball stadium on Saturday, September 24.


By no surprise, Chance is set to headline the festival, and other well-known music names have also been announced to perform, such as Lil’ Wayne, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Skrillex and Tyler, The Creator, along with many others who are yet to be divulged.


There is sure to be live footage from the event, so those of us who are unlucky enough to miss it, be sure to keep your wits about you to catch the momentous lineup.



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