Brooklyn Artist Chapell Shares New Single ‘When The Music Plays Again’

New York artist Chapell’s latest single, “When the Music Plays Again,” is a heartfelt song that captures the longing to perform. The songwriter, Alan Chapell, created this track during a time when live music had completely stopped. This pause in performances deeply affected many musicians, including Chapell.

As a songwriter, all you want is for people to hear your music,” Chapell explains, “when the ability to perform goes away for a while, you learn to live on the fumes of hope.”

Chapell’s music has always stood out because of its simplicity and depth. His songs tell stories that seem straightforward at first but reveal deeper layers on closer inspection. Each song has moments that play with the listener’s perspective, making you think and feel in new ways. His melodies are catchy, often leaving listeners humming along.

Chapell began writing his latest album, The Underground Music Show, during a dark time. While many might turn to various comforts, Chapell found his solace in music. This period of reflection brought out his creativity and hope, which he poured into his new music.

Alan Chapell has shared stages with well-known bands like the Gin Blossoms, Lisa Loeb, and Everclear. His live performances go beyond just playing music. He creates a sense of community, inviting listeners to be part of something larger.

Chapell says, “More than ever, people want to feel like they genuinely belong to something. For me, the goal is always to draw inspiration from the collective – whether it’s during a more intimate solo concert or with my entire five-piece band. I want to process the human experience with you; to dream with you.”

Chapell’s music, influenced by the 80s and 90s, uses small stories to convey broader messages about life. His storytelling draws comparisons to artists like Jonathan Richman and Elvis Costello. With over 1.5 million streams, his solo performances are gaining attention. He has played with several notable bands, showing his growing influence in the music world.

Chapell’s new song, “When the Music Plays Again,” features Clint Wells on guitar and Lorenza’s violin, which takes the chorus to a new level. “I love Clint Wells’ guitar work throughout this song – and Lorenza’s violin takes the chorus to a new level,” Chapell shares.

Chapell closed out 2022 with a performance on Rob Reinhart’s influential radio program, Acoustic Café. He continues to draw audiences with his desire to create a communal experience through his music. Chapell’s goal is clear: to bring hope and have a good time with his listeners.

In “When the Music Plays Again,” Chapell invites us to join him in celebrating the return of live music. Through this song, he reminds us of the joy and connection that music brings to our lives.

Listen to “When the Music Plays Again” below!


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