Charlize Theron Deals With Motherhood In The New ‘Tully’ Trailer | Film Trailers


When you see director Jason Reitman working together with screenwriter Diablo Cody the possibility is that the upcoming movie will tackle a difficult topic in growing up as a woman. After the films Young Adult and Juno, the two have created a new film – Tully. It covers the issue of motherhood – and how hard it can really be to be a mother of three.


The film stars the Academy Award Winner Charlize Theron who plays the exhausted mother Marlo. She is joined on the cast by Mackenzie Davis who will appear on the screen as the night nanny Tully. Mark Duplass and Ron Livingston are also starring in this film.


The trailer shares with us the hard everyday life of the mother Marlo. She is seen at a breaking point. After being hesitant in the beginning she begins to form a special bond with the young woman that helps her in the house. Tully seems to give the mother the emotional support that she needs in this time.


The film arrives in the cinemas on April 20.




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