Che Lingo + Mick Jenkins – No Sidekicks | New Music


One of the finest Hip-Hop rappers in the UK Che Lingo has found his match as he teams up with one of the finest rappers in the US in Mick Jenkins for a brand new song, and the results “No Sidekicks” is truly a masterpiece


As the track flows between vibes, from a more soulful beginning with the keys to a swift drum and bass punch, a juxtaposition at times, this is a beautiful expression of Hip-Hop, with both artists finding their feet and flourishing.


And at the core of it, the songs message doesn’t get lost in the sonics, brilliantly encapsulated in the chorus “I sacrifice my love for you…but who’s saving who?” “No Sidekicks” is about admitting that as men we aren’t always the hero’s and women are not accessories.


“There are no Sidekicks in a healthy relationship and more time, it’s the men that need saving. In more ways than one.” explains Che Lingo.


Speaking about the collaboration with Mick Jenkins, Che had to say “I’ve been a fan of Mick since a friend put me onto The Water[s] tape about 4 years ago and people always said to me we’d make a good collab. Being able to go back to back with him on a track and with such different metaphoric takes on this topic, just rapping gives me hope for hip hop both US and UK…it doesn’t happen enough.”




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