Chicago Duo theWHOevers Return With New Single ‘Supersonic’

Introducing eclectic Filipino American hip-hop duo theWHOevers with their new single “Supersonic”. Made up of Lloyd Dotdot and J. Arthur, and emerging out of Chicago, the duo first made waves during the budding 2010s blog era of US rap. They return in 2021 with their lo-fi style track titled “Supersonic”.

Describing their sound, the duo say they have one foot firmly planted in the boom-bap motifs of hip-hop’s golden age and another reaching forward into the future of the genre. The artists create music that is being described as both comfortable and progressive all at once.

Inspired and influenced by a wide array of musical genres, starting with hip-hop of course, it is their honest lyrical content and songwriting that is often times inspired by their life experiences and vivid imaginations, which has continued to win the duo huge amount of fans from rather diverse audiences.

According to both Lloyd Dotdot and J. Arthur, theWHOevers return to today’s music landscape more mature than they left it, as is evident on their new track “Supersonic”. It was produced in-house by Lloyd, and they are calling it “a simple love letter to our significant others over a funky loop“.

The track is the first taste of an upcoming album from the duo. Listen to it below:


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