Chicago Pop Singer Chronicle Releases New Single ‘Don’t Try’

Chicago-based pop singer Chronicle has released a fantastic new track called “Don’t Try,” which is inspired by regret and lessons learnt from past relationships. The reflective song looks at second chances and asks listeners to imagine what could have happened if they had been given another opportunity.

It took Chronicle a long time to realize his ambition of being an artist, and he began working on “Don’t Try” in July. Moving from LA to Chicago made it difficult for him to get studio time until March, when he teamed up with an accomplished producer who turned all of his ideas into reality in just eight hours over two days.

Chronicle’s music aims to remind us that we are not alone since life is so unpredictable. The Liberian-American artist, who was raised in Chicago, works to push the boundaries of music by fusing aspects of numerous genres to create a well-rounded, dynamic sound.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chronicle is a pop artist, actor, singer, producer, and composer. His unmatched voice and style are swiftly creating a stir in the music scene, and he has honed his approach by juggling his abilities in music and TV/film.

Chronicle expresses honest emotion through his music’s ear-pleasing instrumentation, which is inspired by his experiences. He is a musician to keep an eye on as he is poised to establish himself in the music business for many years to come.

As Chronicle’s fan base grows, “Don’t Try” is sure to be a hit with listeners who appreciate the artist’s unique perspective on relationships and second chances.

With its reflective tone and catchy melody, the track is sure to become a fan favorite in no time. Keep an eye on Chronicle as he continues to make waves in the music industry with his dynamic sound and heartfelt lyrics.

Listen to the single below:


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