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Chief Keef 07.03.2016ANDREW


Despite an active 2015 of two mixtapes and two studio albums, the rapper Chief Keef said that he has retired. Responding to a fan questioning his productivity level, Keef responded, “I’m retired you didn’t know? To many ni**as sound jus like me or saying shit like almighty would”.


Another fan was crestfallen, saying the news made him so upset that he was going to have a “shootout” at his school, to which Keef responded with some career advice, “Nooooooooooooo. Go be something, everything but a rapper or a scammer. Be a ball player or a lawyer or a doctor”.


This announcement seems pretty tongue-in-cheek, but it depends if his effort for this year, album Tha Cozart, is released. This is due to be released Tuesday, April 5.



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