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Danish band Choir Of Young Believers, who are renowned for the combination of avant folk-pop and orchestral instrumentation are set to release their next album on February 19, 2016. Five months ago Choir of Young Believers released track “Face Melting”, which made it very apparent that the band were undergoing changes in style as electronic experimentation makes an surprising appearance with a slow romanticised piano heavy song.


More recently “Jeg Ser Dig” was released, which was taken directly from their upcoming Grasque album, which offers more of the same. In a recent interview, creator and front man Jannis Noya Makrigiannis explains how he grew tiresome with old instrumentation and believed incorporating a variety of genres such as jazz and techno, as well as choral vocals would create a new sound which would feature on their next album.


Markrigiannis thoughts on their new sound are as follows: “I must admit, one of the things I worried about was ‘What will people think?’ With almost all of these songs, I had been in doubt. Some, I felt, were too poppy, others too experimental — some didn’t even feel like songs, but more like trips, or feelings. Some even had Danish and Greek lyrics. But now, it’s all Choir of Young Believers to me, and it feels great to have pushed the walls around the band, giving it a bit more space”. Here is their most recent release “Jer Ser Dig”.




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