Christian Bale Confirmed To Play Steve Jobs In Biopic | Film News


Just last week, rumuors of Christian Bale playing Steve Jobs in Aaron Sorkin’s untitled Steve Jobs movie, directed by Danny Boyle and now it seems as if those rumuors are true! Sorkin has been talking to Bloomberg about the up and coming project; “We needed the best actor on the board in a certain age range and that’s Chris Bale” he continued by adding; “He didn’t have to audition. Well, there was a meeting”. Nice one, Bale!


Sorkin has taken a novel approach to weaving this story, as the whole film covers just three scenes; in which three different Apple products are released. Interesting, and exceptionally different from the Jobs 2013 movie, which can only be a good thing because that kinda flopped. If the script is anything like his others (The Social Network), this movie is going to slay. Sorkin’s fast paced dialogue and dark humor are a perfect match for a movie like this, and with Boyle and Bale in the mix; this could be a match made in heaven.



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