Cineworld Cinemas Will Not Be Showing ‘The Hateful Eight’ | Film News


Fans of Quentin Tarantino will no doubt be looking forward to the imminent release of his new film The Hateful Eight on Friday (January 8); but anyone living in a location with a Cineworld cinema will be sorely disappointed to learn that the chain will not be showing the title.


In a series of Twitter replies to the distraught tweets of Tarantino fans asking “why?” Cineworld gave the following statement: “Sadly we haven’t been able to come to an agreement with the distributor which means it won’t be shown at Cineworld“.


It also looks increasingly likely that The Hateful Eight will not be shown in Picturehouse cinemas either, as Cineworld also owns that chain. Cineworld went on record to say it is still “very excited” about other January releases such as Joy and The Danish Girl. But something tells me that those 2 titles will be of little consolation to all those diehard Tarantino fans out there.



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