Cody & The Blackouts Release New Album ‘Gold’ | Music News


CA-based combo Cody & The Blackouts have dropped their debut album Gold, an irresistible combination of creative lyrics and melodic, catchy pop-rock beats that make a unique and infectious, personally-charged songcraft.


Singer and songwriter Hudock and multi-intrumentalist Brent Stranathan formed Cody & The Blackouts back in 2017, motivated by their love for thoughtful, tuneful pop-rock music. However, guitarist Jimmy Holman, bassist Will Weissman, vocalist Joanna Hudock and former band member Jordan Bennett have joined the duo for this new album.


Gold was produced by Ethan Kaufmann and Brent Stranathan and mixed by Chandler Harrod, engineer of Capital Records. The group has been performing together for over a year on a regular basis, when they decided to start recording Gold.


“We had gotten so tight as a band, that we decided we would look to record an album by tracking as much of it live as we could, and sure enough we knocked out the bulk of the tracking in just three days,” said Hudock.


“I’ve been honing my craft for a long time now,” he added. “There’s tremendous value for me in creating something that I felt was truly great and leaving behind a record of my existence. Material success is always great, but my true joy is in the process and creation.”




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