Colorado Musician Dylan Fellows Begins Musical Exploration With ‘New Moon’

In the realm of music, there are artists who merely create and then there are those who embark on journeys, both literal and figurative, to craft something truly profound. Dylan Fellows, known by his moniker Visc, falls into the latter category.

Dylan Fellows’ debut album, The End & In Between, serves as a testament to his nomadic spirit and insatiable curiosity. With over 30 tracks, this ambitious project chronicles Dylan’s journey from rock bottom to the barren reaches of the Arctic Ocean, exploring themes of loss, adventure, and the search for home.

Produced in the Forest, a studio that Dylan built with his own hands, each song is a moody blend of enigmatic melodies and compelling storytelling, inviting listeners to join him on this epic American odyssey.

The journey of the album begins with “New Moon“, a haunting ode to longing and unattainable love. Written in the lonely streets of Athens, Georgia, this track sets the stage for the emotional rollercoaster that is to follow.

Produced with meticulous attention to detail, “New Moon” encapsulates the essence of Dylan’s musical vision, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in his world of introspection and exploration.

Born amidst the rugged peaks of Colorado, took his first steps along the serene shores of Lake Michigan, and spent years lost in the azalea seas of Georgia, Dylan’s life has been a patchwork of experiences that have seamlessly woven their way into his music.

Under the alias Visc, Dylan roamed the back streets of Athens, Georgia, crafting a unique sound that he aptly dubbed ‘Battery Rock’. Fueled by hand-crafted guitars drenched in distortion and fuzz, and accentuated by pulsing synthesizers, his music reverberated with an electrifying and raw energy.

Simultaneously, Dylan found himself at a crossroads in his personal life. Faced with adversity, he made the bold decision to disband Visc, leave behind his conventional lifestyle, and embark on an odyssey of self-discovery.

His three-month, 25,000-mile journey through the wilderness up to the tip of Alaska birthed a new musical identity – ‘Odyssean Rock’. This innovative blend of alternative rock is layered with narratives that traverse landscapes of both sound and stone, reflecting Dylan’s own journey of introspection and growth.

Dylan’s musical influences are as eclectic as his nomadic lifestyle, ranging from the gunslinging stories of Marty Robbins to the soulful hooks of Smokey Robinson, and from the classical compositions of Chopin to the modern vibrations of Queens of the Stone Age and Vampire Weekend.

Listen to “New Moon” below!


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