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On July 17, R&B artist TJS from Tottenham, London released her new single “Coming From”. TJS is a singer and part-time scientist with a soulful voice and a contemporary, alternative R&B sound.


Because of her Bajan and Jamaican roots, TJS always had a strong connection to dancehall, reggae, R&B and hip hop. Her musician career started at university, where she jammed and wrote songs with fellow musicians. This year in May she could finally release her first single and now goes ahead with “Coming From”.


The song refers to classic east coast beats and is based on a melancholy guitar chord pattern. Furthermore the song sounds warm and harmonic. TJS manages to create a chilled, groovy sound with classic R&B influences.


According to the artist the song deals with the situation when two people have similar backgrounds, but see the world in a different light. They could have same interests and grew up alike, but instead of a perfect connection it’s a mess of misunderstanding.


It’s a couple in love desperately trying to know where the other is “Coming From” in their views and behaviours” TJS states out. But through the second verse it becomes apparent that their effort to understand each other only drives them further apart. Listen to “Coming From” below.





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