COMPNY – Begging Me To Come Back | Music Video


COMPNY is a an extremely fresh and inspirational collective of people, who each have their own special and unique talents. As a collective they create music, video content, fashion and artwork. Their first single titled “Begging Me To Come Back” is their first piece of recorded music and will be released on September 15 via 203 Recordings/Believe Recordings. “Begging Me To Come Back” is an expressive Pop performed track that is determined to stick in your head, however do not confuse that with becoming annoying as this song has a sound that is addictive and memorable but for all the right reasons. Even though COMPNY seem to want to remain anonymous, this appears to have no effect on the power they are proving to have as they are certainly making a name for themselves with their brand new and first piece of summer serenity. Check out the video here.




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