Conor James’ New Single ‘Kite’ Brings Good Vibes To Unrequited Love

Conor James, an emerging artist, songwriter, and producer based in Los Angeles, recently released his latest single “Kite,” which promises to fill early spring with good vibes for those with hungry hearts.

The single explores the concept of unrequited love, and as James explains, it’s about “being stuck in a romantic situation and being down to ride it out til the wheels fall off.”

Following the success of his recent LP Cabaret, where James showcased powerful storytelling combined with show-stopping instrumentation, he takes a different approach with “Kite” and his upcoming EP Peck Nectar. James aims to create music that “decorates the moment,” inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the grooves.

James’ goal with his new music is to make it “really vibey, listenable” and suitable for various situations like riding in an Uber or going about daily life.

While he appreciates engaging music, he’s currently more interested in creating tunes that elevate the listener’s experience. However, he still embraces his innate storytelling nature, ensuring that his lyrics remain engaging over the chill, accessible music.

Originally from suburban Massachusetts, Conor James began writing music as a creative outlet during his youth. His sound is a blend of nostalgia and respect for songwriting, with a forward-looking approach to the future of music, media, and pop culture.

His latest project, Cabaret, was released with La Reserve Records on September 23, 2022, and garnered significant attention from editorial playlists on Apple Music and Spotify, as well as features in several indie music publications.

With a hard drive full of new songs and big plans for 2023, Conor James is an artist to watch.

Listen to “Kite” below:


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