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Hugh Jackman


With the latest 007 film Spectre rapidly approaching and Daniel Craig rumoured to soon be retiring from his impressive stint as Mr. Bond, the race is on to see who will be the next lucky actor to step into James Bond’s shoes.


There have been a variety of names thrown into the rumour mill on who will take on the role of the British spy, with one of the most popular being East London actor Idris Elba. With many fans calling for more diversity in the role, Idris Elba is a favourite for many. His acting talents prove he will be able to bring all the complex elements necessary for Bond whilst his profile has been on the rise since his starring role in the critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire (and if you haven’t seen it yet – go and get it RIGHT NOW!). Other names circulating include Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy, Jason Statham and Homeland actor Damian Lewis.


But the most recent and one of the most surprising actors who could possibly become the next James Bond is the Australian Hugh Jackman. Famous for his role as X-Men mutant Wolverine, Hugh Jackman will certainly be able to meet the physical demands of the role and he will no doubt be one of the most dashing James Bonds the world has ever known!


During a recent interview with the Australian show The Program, Jackman stated that, if offered the role, “I’d seriously consider it”. In this same interview, he admitted that producers had approached him to play the role before turning to Daniel Craig, but he was tied up in his Wolverine projects. However, he stated that given his chance again, he would find it very difficult to turn down the role and as he has claimed his work in the new X-Men sequel will be his last turn as Wolverine – we may well be seeing him sipping martinis and racing around in Aston Martins soon.



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