Country Music Legend Merle Haggard Dies Aged 79 | Music News



Is it me and my morbid mind but have stars been dropping like flies recently. The staggering amount of greatness that has passed on in the first four months of this year alone, boggles the mind. Sadly one of country music’s best loved performers has died in his home of California. Merle Haggard was recognised as a “poet of the common man” and for many defined the west coast soundtrack of the 1970s.


He died on his birthday of all things but was still playing his guitar and fiddle right to their end. He was forced to cancel his tour in April due to illness and following in the foot steps of David Bowie appeared to predict his own death. His son, who plays lead guitar in Haggard’s band, believed his father knew his time had come.


Originally, a prison inmate inspired into music by Johnny Cash‘s performance at the San Quentin prison, of which he was held, in 1958. Since then he has released dozens of albums and had countless hits both in the states and across the world.


Merle Haggard’s presence, talent, image and most of all his music will be sorely missed. RIP.



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