Courtney Jade Releases New Single ‘The Way I Do’ With Didi | Music News


Courtney Jade and Didi have dropped a new single titled “The Way I Do”, which combines her soulful voice and his raw unique sound to good use. The instrumentals change a lot throughout the track, but they blend perfectly from R&B to pop vibes. Thematically, we notice that the song is about relationships issues in understanding each others point of views.


Courtney Jade is a South African rising singer-songwriter, she moved to UK at the age of 16 and has released eight singles since, performed at gigs across London, garnering support from the likes of BBC Radio London and BBC Music Introducing along the way. Music for her is a form of self expression, something that allows her to express her own individuality.


While Didi is an upcoming singer-writer, but he’s also the main guitarist in the band Impact, he has spent time refining not only his vocals but also his instrumental skills. And when you join both of them together, the outcome is “The Way I Do”, which offers a chill yet still stimulating sound.


When talking about the inspiration of the song, Didi and Courtney Jade say “This song is based on relationships, often two people clash from having different viewpoints and expectations, this song focuses on both the different expectations as well as the simultaneous emotions of each individual“.


Listen to “The Way I Do” below:




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