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Witnessing the success of Black Panther and its predominately Black casting, it marked a major milestone in the film industry. With a pretty much all Black cast, it presented representation and a sense of identity for those who did not get this whilst growing up. It moved from the mainstream Hollywood film and caved way for future films focusing on different ethnic casting.


As a result, we are soon to witness yet another film set to have major impact on the film industry. Crazy Rich Asians is the first film in Hollywood to have a fully Asian cast in 25-years. However, there has been controversy over biracial actor Henry Golding.



Golding is in-fact half British and half Malaysian. As a result, the film has been subject to whitewashing complaints. Whitewashing has lately been a hot topic in the industry with the recent Oscar controversy. However, Golding himself addressed this issue on The View stating:


“I knew, I’m Asian through and through. There’s nothing I needed to prove. So when that came up, I wasn’t heartbroken or just sort of shied away from it. I think the best way to fight that sort of stuff is opening a dialogue. And that’s what we did.”



Crazy Rich Asians is based on a best-selling novel and is set for release next August. Obvious from the title, the film will revolve around some pretty rich Asians. It follows the story of an Asian-American woman travelling to Singapore to meet her boyfriend’s family. Not knowing he comes from some-what royalty, she faces a challenge to seek approval from them.



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