Cub-J Releases New Single ‘Dayflight’ | Music News


Rapper, singer and songwriter Cub-J has started the new year releasing his latest single “Dayflight”, with more tracks expected for the following months.


“Dayflight” is an uplifting and emotional song about the start of a great journey and the uncertainties that can come along, painting a warm picture of what is inside our minds when it comes to taking decisions.


Cub-J vocals mix perfectly with the production realised by his longtime friend NICOLOSI. Together, they produced a track enjoyable from beginning to the end, with its vivid lyrics, smooth melodies, and a warm backdrop.


Currently based outside Los Angeles, Cub-J comes from Evanston, Illinois, where he started his musical experience. The 25 years old artist started a part-time rapping career back in college, where he quickly gained attention and soon started opening for artists such as Waka Flocka Flame and B.O.B.


Cub-J’s career has been growing ever since his college years, after which he performed in different reputable venues in the Chicago area before he moved to Los Angeles.


Cub-J is definitely a versatile and dynamic rap artist who knows how to captivate the crowd and will not be easy for you to take off your headphones while listening to his tracks.


Listen to it here:




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