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CUBE Entertainment announced earlier today that their representative group, BEAST, would be rebooted into a three-membered group, including former member, Jang Hyun-seung. Not only has this decision been condemned by fans of the original group, Hyun-seung took to Instagram to voice his confusion and protest as well.


??? What are they saying… this is the first time I’m hearing about this… I have no intention of doing this either. I honestly think celebrities explaining misunderstandings on Instagram is really lame but I can’t just stand by and not do anything about this,” read the caption on his upload, which has since been deleted.


Not too long after CUBE’s announcement, Around US Entertainment (agency to the other former BEAST members) announced their bewilderment at this sudden news.


We’ve been caught off guard,” the label commented. “Speaking frankly, we were still discussing the issue of BEAST’s trademark even yesterday. We never thought the news would hit the headlines this way. We will discuss this with CUBE Entertainment”.


BEAST was a Korean boy band formed in 2009 by CUBE Entertainment, consisting of members Doo-joon, Jun-hyung, Yo-seob, Gi-kwang, Dong-woon and Hyun-seung. Back in April 2016, Hyun-seung announced his departure from the group, citing his desire to pursue a solo career as his reason of leave.


BEAST’s third studio album, Highlight, was their first album to be promoted by the now five-membered group and their last album under CUBE Entertainment. The members announced December 2016 that they would not be renewing their exclusive contracts with CUBE and instead launched their own label, Around US Entertainment.


Since then, the former members and CUBE Entertainment have been discussing the trademark of the name BEAST, though it appears this discussion has hit a standstill with the announcement of a BEAST reboot.



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