Cyril Hahn + Ryan Ashley – Open | New Music


Swiss producer Cyril Hahn has done it again and released the third and final track from his new EP Voices. With the help of Ryan Ashley and his dreamy vocals, Cyril has created a superb and heavenly track titled “Open” for the world to sit back and relax to. The aspiring producer combines choppy vocals with chilling synths to create a song that wasn’t meant for the club, but for you to put your headphones in and let everything go. Cyril definitely makes his mark with this track and produces something indescribable, with only yourselves to test how euphoric the song is when you take a listen to it.


When listening to Voices as a whole EP, it really shows the passion and emotion that has been put into the songs and almost tells a story of Cyril’s thoughts when making it, because of the different vibes designated to each track. The EP artwork completely summarises the feeling of the tracks with “Open” being very delusional and outgoing, and “Slow” featuring Rochelle Jordan with a more R&B feel. “Open” was debuted on BBC Radio 1 last night and has had us on edge to finally wait for an official release of the EP. Fortunately, you wont be waiting long as PMR Records has revealed the EP will be out soon.




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