D.C. Producer Alex Young Returns With New Single ‘Projection’ | Music News


Returning to the limelight via EDEN’s collaborative project, D.C. producer Alex Young unveils brand new single “Projection”.


A synth-laden, electronic soundscape complete with suspenseful bass and progressive Hip-Hop beats, “Projection” the perfect lo-fi, atmospheric aura. Not to minimal and never overbearing, the measure moves elegantly with an earnest and subdued performance that blends rap and vocals in an emotionally present way.


Alex Young has amassed great amounts of acclaim from the early days of his Soundcloud releases, and now he goes from famed internet producer to working with the likes of Halsey on her critically acclaimed platinum album Manic. Striking a balance between musical production and being a DJ, he brings a euphoric energy that’s a welcomed addition to what EDEN has put together.


The New World Tapes sees EDEN collaborate with some of the finest boundary-defying artists from around the world resulting in a multi-genre body of work. A new release every week exclusively on his label, the eventual 12-track project will be available also on vinyl. EDEN’s curation of artists allows a truly innovative collection of music that adds meaning and purpose in the face of the treacherous global landscape at present.




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