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Boston born rapper DaeTyme’s newest release pays homage to none other than the youngest member of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner. After releasing his single with Orla Slick, “Made Niggas” a few weeks back, DaeTyme returns with “YBW (Kylie Jenner)” produced by LBeats, where he praises all the young bitches who are currently winnin’ like Kylie Jenner.


The song finishes at under 5 minutes and with sirens wailing at the start of the song, before a quick diss at the likes of Miley Cyrus, this release seems to be a classic rap track. The song maintains a constant 4 beat backdrop, alongside a fast drumming rhythm which complements DaeTyme’s verses. While the melody gets quieter before distorting and breaking in the middle of the song, it returns to its original pace for the rest of the track, and the music retains a constant heavy but catchy energy throughout, especially with the reoccurring siren effect in the background. DaeTyme has been known for his punchline and word-play since the age of 14 and this track seems no different.




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