Dan Pettitt Unveils Lifetime Of Musical Exploration With ‘Messages In Blood’ And ‘Chronology’

In March 2024, Dan Pettitt, a singer-songwriter and artist based in Saltburn-By-The-Sea, England, is set to release a monumental body of work.

His upcoming album, Messages In Blood, alongside the previously unreleased sister album Visions Of Time Honoured Tradition, is part of a larger project titled Chronology. This extensive catalog, inspired by Bob Dylan’s The Bootleg Series Vol. 1 – 3, showcases Pettitt’s musical journey over more than 30 years, starting from 1993 when he began recording songs on a stereo blaster.

Chronology is not just remarkable for its volume, with over 100 albums, but also for its depth and diversity. It includes various noteworthy works, such as the 19-album odyssey from 1999, Renaissance Songs in 2002 featuring around 150 unheard folk songs, and the more recent The Basement Sessions, recorded over two years. These albums encompass a range of themes and styles, reflecting Pettitt’s journey as an artist in relation to the world around him.

The compilation Chronology – Story Seasons, now available for streaming and download, is a 2-part sampler and 10-part boxset that showcases Pettitt’s thematic, story-based, and intellectually stimulating catalog. This project presents a personal and musical story of an artist navigating through a civilization on the brink, with albums that act as a mirror to a lost world in decline.

Born in 1975, Pettitt grew up in North Yorkshire and was influenced by his creative education at a Steiner school and a Quaker school. His artistic journey began with drawing, influenced by The Bible stories and the works of Bruegel, and later transitioned to writing inspired by horror fiction authors. Pettitt’s musical inspiration came from artists like Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, and Bruce Springsteen, with Bob Dylan being a significant influence.

Pettitt’s career has been marked by a prolific output of both ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ albums, focusing on the craft of songwriting with an emphasis on structure, lyrics, themes, and concepts.

He has collaborated with various musicians and is known for his traditional balladry and social commentary, distinguished by melodic sense and lyrical prowess. His work, soon to be shared with a broader audience, stands as a testament to his dedication and talent as a musician and songwriter.

Join Dan on his chronological discography journey on his website here, and listen to parts of Chronology below!


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