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After a long period of uncertainty and speculation as to who would play the next James Bond in the franchise’s 25th movie, it is reported that Daniel Craig has actually decided to reprise the role we thought he’d had enough of.


While he’s not Sean Connery, Daniel Craig has enjoyed a well loved run as British spy James Bond, created by former intelligence officer Ian Fleming. So, naturally, many were upset when Craig announced he’d rather leave his tux and Aston Martin behind in favour of other projects.


In his infamous 2015 TimeOut interview, Daniel Craig said that he would rather “slash [his] wrists” than do another Bond movie, preferring to “move on“. However, Craig hasn’t completely gone back on his word. He did make the point that “for at least a year or two, [he] just [doesn’t] want to think about it“. A return, he said, “would only be for the money” and it seems like that small fortune is about to come Craig’s way.


In interviews since, Craig has assured that he has the “best job in the world” and would miss the role. I think I too would enjoy getting paid to run around and drive an Aston Martin.


It was reportedly Bond producer Barbara Broccoli who convinced the actor to return to the series for another movie. Skyfall title singer Adele is also desired for the next project, commended for her contribution to the record breaking $1.109 billion earnings of the installment. Craig alone was paid $10.7 million for the 2012 smash hit, making him the highest-paid Bond actor ever, and making it clear why he has decided to return to the role.


A plethora of other actors were speculated to take on the next Bond, including Michael Fassbender and Tom Hiddleston. The odds, however, were on Idris Elba which sparked equal excitement and controversy for changing the image of Bond. Ultimately, it wasn’t his time, but perhaps we’ll still see him in a tux when Craig has finally had enough.


Bond 25 is expected to premiere in October, 2018.



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