Danish-Corsican Singer MALU Introduces Her Forthcoming EP With New Single ‘Solace’

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On March 4, singer-songwriter MALU released her fourth single “Solace”. A brilliant introduction to her forthcoming EP which will be released on April 8, the single was produced by Awinbeh Ayagiba and Adam Hillebrandt, two of the biggest Danish hitmakers of recent times!

It was in front of a sunset, with her feet in the Corsican sand, that MALU was inspired to write this song. With a track in her ears that she had started to work on before going to Corsica, she writes down in her notebook the thoughts that invade her following the break-up with her boyfriend, which gave her the strange feeling of not knowing who she was anymore.

On this beach in the middle of the Mediterranean, solitude resonates for the singer, who has always taken refuge in writing words and music to find solace. Since she was a child, Marie-Louise’s life has been marked by the fear of losing the people she is close to, and this feeling permeates the lyrics of this album.

On this subject, the artist confides with a smile: “Writing and playing the piano has always calmed me down. I have always found solace in words, and therefore you can say that I have found a way to use the negative emotions and thought patterns that at times shape my life, constructively”.

When MALU was five years old, she crossed the path of movers carrying a piano to get rid of it and fell in love with the instrument. Since that day, she and her piano have been a pair. She started out as a classical pianist, then became the lead singer of a jazz trio, a disco band and a soul orchestra, performing all over the country.

But above all a child of the American RnB scene of the 90s, the singer is now part of the revival of the RnB scene in Denmark. Indeed, with “Solace” and her upcoming EP, she has made sure to find a sound that can pay homage to her 90’s sources of inspiration as well as being turned towards the future with more modern elements.

Listen to “Solace” here:


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