Danny DeVito Addresses Oscars Controversy | Film News



Racial dispute continues to burn through one of the most prestigious award shows in the entertainment business. Joining in with many other influential figures who have had their say, Danny DeVito has stepped in to share his thoughts about the matter.


Speaking at the Sundance Film Festival, he made blunt and direct comments regarding the diversity issue stating “It’s unfortunate that the entire country is racist. This is one example of the fact that even though some people have given great performances, they weren’t even thought about”.


He continues “We are living in a country that discriminates and has certain racial tendencies.  So sometimes it’s manifested in things like this and it’s illuminated, but generally speaking we’re a racist… We’re a bunch of racists”.


Certainly provocative words from a man recognised for his contributions to the comedy genre, but none the less words that speaks the truth about the issues regarding the business and society. The following video shows the whole interview, as well as some comments from actors Don Cheadle and Sam Neil who share similar sentiments.




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