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Despite it being his first actual release, Danny George has been around for a while, garnering much success over the last 2 years producing for artists such as Ayelle, Malory and Latir. He announces himself as a solo artist in his own right, taking up vocal duties, writing, producing and live instrumentation on brand new track “Close To You“.


It’s a warm welcome into Danny’s world; as soulful vocals, piano and strings flow alongside synths, reminiscent of trip hop producers like Flume – alongside the emotive melodies and contemporary production, on par with artists such as Fyfe & Honne. The track is about a relationship turned toxic, with neither parties being willing to let go; summarised succinctly “If it was up to me, I’d be lying still. If it was up to you, you’d be crying still.”


Danny explains further: “The lyrics focus on a story of two people with a selfish longing for each other, that aren’t willing to give anything back in return. In a way, it borders on the topic of addiction and destructive co-dependency.”


Eying an EP release later this year and some more singles leading up to it, Danny’s first offering certainly shows promise of big things to come..




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