Darcy Lane Unveils Resilient New Single ‘2022 Without You’

In addition to its sharp lyrical meaning, “2022 Without You”, the new single from Darcy Lane, sparkles with shiny synthesizer layers and sentimental chords.

The song’s strong climax is reached by Darcy’s delicate vocal flow, which floats above a building swell of electronic textures. Before the resounding crescendo heightens the song’s forceful emotion, a diverting bridge of liquescent bass and brilliant harmonies is created.

Darcy Lane explains the background to “2022 Without You” as follows: “‘2022 Without You’ is ultimately a celebration of being single in 2022. I started writing it in January and have been adding to it throughout the year. Initially inspired by the aftermath of a breakup, this song is about embracing the changes that life throws at you, moving on, and caring less.

In a world where we receive constant reminders of our ex’s existence, it can be hard to ignore what they are doing and who they are doing it with. However, this song is a reminder to me, and hopefully some other people, that it does not matter what they are doing as long as you are living your best life.”

Darcy Lane will open for indie-pop group Loretta at their performances in Dharawal/Wollongong and Eora/Sydney to commemorate the album’s release.

In the live setting, she has previously performed onstage with Pacific Avenue, Dande, The Lion, Pearl, and Iluka, as well as most recently opening for Telenova at Oxford Art Factory in September.

Darcy Lane, whose real name is Laura Rooke, combines inventive production with vulnerability and sincere melodies.

Her music takes cues from artists like Lorde, Billie Eilish, and Olivia Rodrigo because she was around preview music from a young age thanks to her classically trained singing mother and musician father.

Growing up, Darcy Lane spent ten years singing in the Sydney Children’s Choir, which influenced her to develop an appreciation for composing and imagination.

Listen and enjoy the new release “2022 Without You” below!


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