Dave Grohl ‘Terrified’ Of Watching Kurt Cobain Documentary ‘Montage Of Heck’ | Music News


Dave Grohl has said in an interview with the Washington Post that he is “terrified” of watching the new documentary Montage Of Heck which is about the life of former Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain. Grohl was the former drummer of Nirvana and had been interviewed for the film but the footage wasn’t used for the documentary.


Brett Morgen the director of the documentary released a statement regarding Dave Grohl’s footage not being used by saying: “What I’ve done and started doing is turning on people and going, ‘Well, what is it you want him to say? Is there something you feel we’re missing about Kurt?’, and there never is an answer. No, we feel like we’ve just got to know Kurt better than we ever have, so why in the world do you want Dave? ‘Because he’s famous’, and that’s exactly why he shouldn’t be in the movie“.


Dave Grohl said in the interview with Washington Post, “all the footage of him as a child, I think that might make me sad, and then the dark stuff at the end I think would bum me out”. Recently ex-chief of the Seattle Police Force Norm Stamper who was investigating Kurt Cobain’s death, said that the case into his death should be re-opened. Stamper said “I would tell you right now if I were the Chief of Police, I would reopen this investigation“. Watch the trailer for Montage Of Heck below.




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