David Oyelowo To Play Joe Frazier In Ang Lee’s Muhammad Ali 3D Film | Film News

David Oyelowo


There have been fierce rivalries in all sports throughout history: Senna and Prost; Borg and McEnroe; Messi and Ronaldo. But the ultimate sport rivalry must be between boxing legends Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier; one which came to a climax to rival that between Achilles and Hector: the Thrilla in Manila. For those of you who don’t know how that went, I won’t spoil it as it would undermine the whole plot of Ang Lee‘s new film, exploring the rivalry between the two boxers through that defining event.


Although it has spent the last few years in production limbo, Studio 8 has breathed new life into the project. With production now back in the game, David Oyelowo has been named as a front-runner for the role of Ali’s rival Joe Frazier, being Lee’s top choice. Lee is going one step further as a filmmaker by intending to make the film in 3D, allowing the audience to feel every blow and every thrill. No release date has yet been set.



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