Deadmau5 Responds To Skrillex Calling Him An ‘Asshole’ | Music News


In an interview with 92.3 AMP Radio, Skrillex discussed his new song “Where Are Ü Now?“, with Diplo featuring Justin Bieber, specifically addressing Deadmau5’s recent comments about the song. Skrillex called him an “asshole” and said that he has a “negative attitude” which he believes is unfortunate.


Deadmau5 had previously expressed his distaste for the song on more than one occasion (tweeting in late June: “im going to bed. i need to unconciously scrape this shitty fucking 3rd grade production and autotuned ‘singing’ bullshit out of my head“). However Skrillex was referred to when Deadmau5 posted a parody intended to undermine the song’s signature riff. Deadmau5 took to Twitter after Skrillex’s latest comment with “dont really give a fuck tbh” before posting several subsequent tweets in his defense. Will the former friends ever make up, or is it too late to make amends?



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