‘Deadpool’ Returns In ‘X-Men’ Spin Off Slated For February 2016 Release | Film News


With leaked footage of a recent test shoot doing the rounds for months, it has now been confirmed that Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern, The Proposal) is set to reprise his role as cocky self-healing mutant Deadpool aka Wade Wilson in a new X-Men spin off movie, set to be released in February 2016. Although seen to have been killed in 20th Century Fox’s 2009 release of Xmen: Origins, it has always been up in the air as to whether the red and blacked clothed comic book killer would return.


If you waited long enough at the movies, in the post credit scene of X-men: Origins, the recently killed character of Deadpool is seen rising from the rubble whispering “Shhh” to the audience, this was always a movie lurking in comic book fan limbo, but we can announce here, that there’s more to come! Keep you eyes peels on here for more Deadpool movie news.




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